The Skn Edit


Hi hun, welcome to The Skn Edit.

Here we will be posting educational and exclusive content every Sunday for you lovely ladies.

We were inspired to create The Skn Edit because of you. Every day ladies come to us with questions or ask for advice about our products and skincare in general. We wanted to build a platform that would educate our customers on our brand and its products. Not only that, but we wanted an outlet where we can educate you ladies more in depth about the ins and outs of skincare.
Trust me, we know skincare is a complicated thing. From serums, to toners, to moisturizers it is difficult to know what you're doing. That's why The Skn Edit was created. Every Sunday we will have a post dedicated to a specific topic where you can learn more about skincare.
We want our blog to be engaging and tailored to your interests. Have a specific topic you want us to write about? Our DMs and comment section are always open on Instagram. If you've been a part of the 4URSKN clique for a while, you know we are active 24/7 on Instagram, so don't be shy!
From product insights, to skin education, to entertaining content, our blog is going to be the place for you to go if you have any questions or just want to learn
Want to know first when a new blog post is live? Sign up for our SMS notifications by texting SKNCLIQUE to (833)-592-7947. You don't want to miss our weekly posts!


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