Introducing Oils To Your Skin

Introducing Oils To Your Skin

The strong misconception that many people have about oils start with oils are bad for your skin, they will clog your pores and they answer to that my friend is negative!

The RIGHT OILS, I repeat the right oils do not clog your pores, let's go a lit bit more in depth, shall we?

There is such a thing as good oils for your skin which allows skin to breathe, remain hydrated, and keeps it free from breakouts. Then there are bad oils which clogs your pores by sitting on top of the skin causing outbreaks once clogged with oil, debris, or dirt. 

The two types of oil families are Comedogenic Oils and Noncomedogenic Oils, which goes by a rating scale system, by definition Comedogenic oils produces comedones (which is just a fancy word for clogged pores) that take the form of blackheads, whiteheads, and skin-toned colored bumps. 

The scale uses a numbering system of 0 to 5. Here’s how the numbers rank on the scale:

0 - won’t clog pores at all
1 - very low likelihood of clogging pores
2 - moderately low likelihood
3 - moderate likelihood
4 - fairly high likelihood
5 - high likelihood of clogging pores

Noncomedogenic Oils moisturize and nourish without clogging pores (the best ones even help unclog them!) and are an essential ingredient in skincare for all skin types. Some can be applied to skin directly, or used as a carrier oil. A carrier oil is an oil which helps to deliver another type of oil, such as an essential oil, to the skin.

Non-comedogenic oils are oils that do not clog pores and have a comedogenic rating of 2 or less. And just about any oil with a rating of 5 pretty much guarantees that a person who is prone to acne breakouts will have one.

But so many factors are involved in how a particular oil impacts your skin that there is no way to make an “absolute” prediction.The fact is, everyone’s skin is different, so an oil will impact different people in different ways. For example, avocado oil can be a nourishing oil for some people with oily skin while others who also have oily skin will use it and develop more acne breakouts!

Factors that can lead to this variety of results may include things like skin type, illness, water intake, environmental factors, and other things that can influence the way the oils act on your skin.

In addition to an ingredient's comedogenic ranking, the composition of fatty acids is also useful in determining which skin type will benefit from a particular oil. In this guide, we'll look at both types of information.


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