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In Grown Hair Elixir


Our bare skin elixir offers a solution to ingrown hair bumps and can be used on the skin's surface after shaving/waxing. The formula penetrates into the skin and is quickly absorbed, so you won't be left feeling greasy. 

The combination of oils works to rejuvenate dry and irritated skin. It offers amazing relief from irritation, wounds, soreness, and inflamed skin. 

If you have been dealing with any one of these skin issues and your skin is sensitive to most products this oil is perfect for you?  

Bare Skin Elixir is ideal for persons with DRY, SENSITIVE SKIN. 

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Moisturizing and rejuvenating
  • Lightweight and absorbable

For External Use Only


Use product in the morning and night

Use as a moisturizer twice per day.

In Grown Hair Elixir