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Fragrance 2.0


Our fragrance 2.0 oils are a set of three must-have Spring scents to keep you smelling great for much longer than perfume. Not only are they conveniently packaged they are also for use on your body and not just your clothing. 

Having great skin and smelling great, is an ideal combination.


Libre- Libre is a powerful and rich scent, it leaves a very plush scent after wearing it for a few hours and does not need to be reapplied. 

Damn Dior- Damn Dior is a robust and strong scent a little goes a long way, it's a scent that lights up the room in a good way. 

Savage- Savage is a soft and mild scent, it blends right in and is ideal for persons who have a more sensitive sense of smell.  

Our fragrance oils can be used in conjunction with our bath and body essentials, Always do a test patch to ensure you are not allergic to our fragrance oils.

Fragrance 2.0